Tecplot in cmd

It’s kinda weird to use command lines in Windows (maybe a lot of people do it, who knows) but the reason I’m using it is that in Windows based Matlab, the “system” function will just call cmd. So if I need to run something inside a Matlab loop, I should learn how to use cmd.

Here is the command line I used to open a data file and run a python script in Tecplot:

C:\ /WAIT tec360 -b -datafile C:\something.plt -p C:\some\python.py

“/WAIT” is to hold the program until it’s done
“-b” is batch mode, include this otherwise you will see the GUI
“-datafile” is reading file
“-p” is executing python script
Note that the python script must be put in the python path otherwise Tecplot won’t find it.


Types of meshing elements

Mesh elements can be 1D (lines), or 2D (triangles, or quadrilaterals.), but most of the time, when starting with 3D CAD data, the elements will be tetrahedra (tets; 3-sided pyramids), hexahedra (hexes or bricks), polyhedra (with any number of sides), prisms, or pyramids (with 5 sides.)